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Berlin, Region Berlin
DE Deutschland
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Alter 36
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Größe 172 cm
Haarfarbe Hellbraun
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Über mich...
i sometimes feel a little strange
have my heart filled up with ice
as long as i fall i don't hit the ground
have to have some fun
maybe tomorrow the good lord will take you away
rain keeps falling
in the clear moon light
now i got glowing eyes
'cause nothin' lasts forever
through the madness, through the tears
what are we living for
as long as i fall
believing pain and fear outside
on the other side
you were oh so so sophisticated
...and filled my heart with life
heavy metal can't be beaten by any dynasty


Queen, Guns'n'Roses, System of a down, Avatar, Iron Maiden, The Queen Kings, Life Of Agony, Aerosmith, Deep Purple,
U2, REM, MIA, Wir sind Helden, Sisters Of Mercy, Heaven Shall Burn, In Flames, Nirvana, Gamma Ray, Helloween, Stratovarius ...
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