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In a life without a cause towards an end without love
It is the encouragement when you are discouraged.



We used to put the top down
the engine roared like thunder
Living for the summer night
and the spell it put us under

Thirty dollar eight track
sounded out the battle cry
As we fought each and every windmill
of our own design
Power driven exiles
running for the shadows
She'd look at me like Sandra Dee
while I would strike a pose like Brando

Parked beneath the bleachers
the first night that she touches me
Fuel injected nervous love
the sweat hung down like honey
I wonder what she's doing
bet she's doing great
somewhere amid suburban bliss
while I'm stuck in yesterday
I can still remember things she said
even though I know that youth's a liar
The pictures just roll inside my head
I'm Down To The Wire
Oh Oh Oh Oh
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