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Open-minded, curious, spontaneous, relationship anarchist. Body- and sex-positive queer feminist. ENTP.

· Live and Studio Musician |

· Music Teacher|Producer and DJ|

· Philosophy and Music student|

· Scuba Divemaster and Freediver|

· vegan|
I lately spend a lot of time thinking about:

- Consent.

- Feminism/Sexism/LGBTQIA+/Racism/Ableism.

- The difference between sexual/sensual/romantic/aesthetic attraction.

And In general :
People, myself, music, philosophy, psychology, speciesism.
No matter what gender, outlook or relationship status, I would be glad to find people who:

- are open minded

- are searching for a running, gym, swimming or badminton partner (or any other interesting sport I can pull off)

- like to sing or play an interesting instrument or you are into any other kind of art - we could do some crazy stuff together!

- are searching for a dive buddy (always interested in new opportunities!)

- don't like to go to sauna solitarily

- are searching for a dance partner (I'm curious for any style!)

- are into philosophical conversations about anything (even what philosophical conversations are;)

- are searching for travel companions

- if ongoing, but low maintenance connections sound like a good thing to you. While I do very much enjoy staying in touch, I
tend to think on a scale of weeks and months.

I identify myself a lot with values of relationship anarchy and polyamory:
Sincerity, honesty and openness are very important values for me.

If that's okay for you and if you share any common interests with me I'd be happy to read from you.

Please no racist or sexist humans, though.

[Pardon, zu faul extra einen Text auf Deutsch zu schreiben - daher copy/paste aus Okc auf Englisch :)]
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My week usually looks like this:

- teaching clarinet, saxophone, digital music production, music theory, guitar and sometimes piano or drums

- producing or practising instruments

- doing sports in general - often swimming or running

- sauna

On vacation or my free time I like:

- visting warm places

- scuba diving, apnoe/freediving and snorkeling

- dancing

- having philosophical talks about the nature of the human (or other) existence(s)

- producing and playing music

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