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DE Deutschland 41xxx Mönchengladbach
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41xxx Mönchengladbach, Region Nordrhein-Westfalen
DE Deutschland
Entfernung von dir: Nur für Mitglieder
Alter 38
Geburtstag 01.07.1981
Sternzeichen Krebs
Größe 178 cm
Haarfarbe Dunkelbraun
Haarlänge < 30 cm (Schulterlang)
Augenfarbe Braun
Partnerstatus Single
Über mich...
I'm your forsaken, the fallen from grace
Horror of evil, created mistake
Ruthless and wicked, I feast with the damned
I am the cyst on your lord's holy lamb

Fuck your religion with blood on its hands
Forgive the savior, forget about man
Profits for heaven build kingdoms of greed
Whoring redempter, embezzle the weak

I am no one, without me he's unknown
Darkness gives power to light up his throne
Descend on earth in angelic display
The time has come to undo his restrains

I'm the temptation that swallowed his eve
god's inhibition leave nothing to see
Hatred and anger conceived from the dust
I am the shame and the filth of their lust

Forfeit the savior for cleansing of sins
Relive the site of his crucifixion
Tragedy follows the wealth of your faith
Holy disorder has fell into place

Banished from heaven, unsatisfied soul
Out of the way of Jehovah's control
Let upon earth to envoke its decay
The time has come for your god to take blame
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