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Über mich...
Hey! I'm looking for new friends/likeminded people in Berlin, preferably English-speaking, to do nice things together. I also
want to improve my German, so it would be great to find someone willing to practice with me or to do some language exchange.

About me shortly: I'm a day-dreamer and idealist, fan of good films and books, beautiful music lover (regardless of genre).
Addicted to traveling and adventures, spending most of my free time going somewhere or thinking and planning where to go.

My life story in shortcut:

I was born in Upper Silesia (Oberschlesien), part of Poland with very strong German/Austrian ancestry, where I spend most of my
life. I have mixed Polish/German/Ukrainian/Jewish/Armenian heritage.

Since 2007 I was moving many times, across several countries. I used to live in Ireland for one and half years (Dublin and
Wicklow Mountains), England (London) for several months, and Berlin, for around four and a half years. In 2015 I moved back to
Poland, this time settling in Warsaw. But after three years there, in Autumn 2018, I decided to move again to Berlin, and since
then Ich wohne in Berlin. :)

And my German is still shitty, so I strongly prefer to write in English. But I understand written German well, I can also speak
it (at medium level), just writing is a real pain for me...

Since Autumn 2014, I run a small, independent metal record label, called Art of the Night Productions. I'm releasing
primarily pagan/folk/viking and black metal, mainly Polish bands, which are usually totally unknown in Germany. If you are into
this kind of music, don't hesitate to ask me for some recommendations.

My main interests and likes:
- Music
- Travelling
- Nature
- Science (biology, genetics, astronomy, cosmology, geography, physics, chemistry)
- sci-fi
- philosophy,
- nature
- history
- archaeology
- art

But also good company, interesting conversations, parties, concerts, pubs, having good fun, crazy ideas, sincerity, cynicism,
- sense of humour,
- meeting new people
- playing old computer games
- black eccentric clothes
- silver jewellery

My dislikes:
- stupidity and ignorance
- fanaticism in any beliefs/ideology
- radical vegans/vegetarians
- modern hip-hop/rap music and "gangsta" culture behind it
- "celebrities" cult
- a huge part of mainstream culture
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