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Morbus_Feepathicus 31 Jahre
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Figur Schlank
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Beruf Oncology Nurse <3


Berlin, Region Brandenburg
DE Deutschland
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Alter 31
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Über mich...
*magical sloth
*urban explorer
*music addict
*your favourite nurse
* <3 animals & nature
* <3 books

Rain down through my hands
Scream out like children
My heart is a church bell ringing

You are a shiver
The gold and the silver
My heart is a church bell ringing


Please note:

I am NOT taking any requests concerning abandoned places in and outside Berlin / Germany.
Information won't be shared.
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# art // photography
# urban exploring / abandoned places
# music
# languages *
# medicine
# cultural entertainment
# architecture
# body mod / body art
# literature
# technology
# travelling
# movies / series
# nonsense
# stuff
# things

(*incl. English, German, Danish, Norwegian, French, Spanish, Croatian, Polish)

Ich Suche

Alter Zwischen 20 und 30 Jahren
Für Weggehen / Party
Neue Bekannte / Freundschaften
Not looking for anything in particular.
Basically for intelligent, mental exchange.


Please note:

I'm definitely not looking for a relationship, a one night stand or anything like that.
Yes, I do like getting to know new people and I also like hanging out every once in a while but that doesn't mean I'd enjoy being hit on, so just drop it.

Unless you look and sound like Thomas Michael Henry Smith.
In that case please DO hit on me instantly. lol