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chewbubblegum 28 Jahre
DE Deutschland 10369 Berlin
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10369 Berlin, Region Brandenburg
DE Deutschland
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Alter 28
Geburtstag 07.10.1990
Sternzeichen Waage
Größe 177 cm
Haarfarbe Blond
Haarlänge < 5 cm (Normal)
Augenfarbe Grau
Partnerstatus glücklich - Verwitwet
Über mich...
I usually get escorted from Museums and Galeries by security because I refuse to leave after closing hours.
I spend more money on cakes and sweets than on fruit and veggies :-(

Did you ever notice that when you sit down the ceiling is further away?

As for the standart profile stuff: I like violent video games, I study history and cultural studies, i get paid for doing that,
i like black metal and blasmusik

I used to have long hair but i sold it

I like travelling (oh wow, how original), especially hitchhiking in Eastern Europe. Being in nature, visiting interesting
cultural landmarks, meeting interesting people, not having to meet uninteresting tourists, being robbed by gypsies, having to
sleep in a ditch near the road, because you thought hitchhiking at midnight is a good idea. Do you know that peasants used to
drown little kittens when there were too many of them? How cruel.

My grandpa always tries to get me drunk. The same goes for people in Transylvania (in Romania, "NO!" means "Yes,
I'd like six more shots of that, please" ). My grandpa says Adolf Hitler was the best politician ever. My grandpa is
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