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Labelinfos Peaceville
Peaceville Records is a British independent heavy metal-oriented record label. The label was founded by Paul Hammy Halmshaw (of the bands Instigators and Civilized Society?, was also one-time drummer of Sore Throat) in 1987, in Cleckheaton, England. Originally a tape label releasing anarcho punk, the releases moved towards metal through crust and similar forms of metal influenced English hardcore punk. Hammy started running the label full time in 1988.

The label is therefore known for the connection between doom metal and the 1980s English crust punk scene.

However, the bands My Dying Bride, Anathema and Paradise Lost - known as the Peaceville Three - have been the labels most recognizable traits since the 1990s. Peaceville also became known for its anti-major stance.

In November 2006, Hammy announced that he and co-manager Lisa Halmshaw would be leaving the label, and that Paul Groundwell of associated label Snapper Music would be taking over control


Labelgründung 1987
Homepage www.peaceville.com/
Kontaktadresse 1 Star Street
W2 1QD London
44+ (0)207 563 5500
44+ (0)207 563 5566
Entfernung - Kilometer
Sublabel von Snapper Music
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