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Altan Urag

MN Mongolei
2002 - heute
Gegründet: Алтан Ураг
Gegründet: 2002
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: FolkRock
Offizielle Homepage: http://www.altanurag.mn/
Myspace Seite: altanurag
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Members * B. Erdenebat (Erka), Yoochin, Piano * M. Chimedtogtokh (Chimdee), Pipe, throat singing (vocal) * Ts. Gangaa (Gangaa), Great Fiddle, Bass * P. Oyunbileg (Oyunaa), Moriin Khuur, throat singing (vocal) * B. Bolortungalag (Tungaa), Drums, percussion * B. Burentogs, Moriin Khuur, throat singing (vocal) Discography * Foal's Been Born (Album, 2004) * Made in Altan Urag (Album, Sonor records, 2006) * Hypnotism (Album 2008) * Blood (Album 2009) * Nation (Album 2010) * Mongol (2010, soundtracks of the movie Mongol) * Once Upon a Time in Mongolia (Album 2010) Altan Urag (Mongolian: Алтан Ураг, Golden Lineage/Kin) is a Mongolian Ethnic Rock band formed in 2002, fusing traditional Mongolian sound with a contemporary influence. The name Altan Urag can be loosely translated to Golden lineage, referring to Chinggis Khan and his ancestors. The band’s vision is to promote Mongolian culture to the world and introduce traditional music to the young people of Mongolia. The band members play the morin khuur (horse head fiddle), ikh khuur (grand horse head fiddle), percussion, bishguur (traditional horn) and yoochin (hammered dulcimer). The vocalists are throat singers and long song singers and all were trained in traditional and classical Mongolian music. Recent music videos are Mother Mongolia, Requiem, Waves & Mother Mongolia, The Blue Mark, Rah2, See-Saw and the Beast. Their music was featured prominently in the 2006 movie Khadak and in the 2007 movie Mongol.