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US Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
Gegründet: 2004 in New York City, New York, Vereinigte Staaten
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: Electro / EBM
Offizielle Homepage: http://www.fgfc820.com/
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Formed in 2004, FGFC820 is the harsh EBM project from well-known and respected New York City DJs, Rexx Arkana and Dräcos. Drawing on joint and separate influences ranging from old school industrial to modern gabber, Arkana and Dräcos combine to create a sound that is at once melodic and relentlessly rhythmic, "bringing the 'thump' back to EBM", as one reviewer put it. In addition to his 20 years of experience as both a DJ and promoter - having worked with everyone from industrial stalwarts Skinny Puppy and Ministry to newer stars Covenant and VNV Nation - Rexx Arkana is also the founder of the scene supergroup Bruderschaft. A collaboration of some of the electronic music world's top talents, Bruderschaft drew together, under Arkana's leadership, members of VNV Nation, Covenant, Apoptygma Berzerk and Icon of Coil in a charitable effort to benefit cancer research and treatment. As an artist in his own right, Arkana has also written lyrics and/or recorded vocals for such prominent underground acts as The Retrosic (New World Order), Neikka RPM (Storm of Hell), and davaNtage side project, Supreme Court (Mass Media Murder). Dräcos spent the last half of the 90s in Boston where he graduated from Berklee College of Music. While in school there, Dräcos also was DJing as well as recording and performing live with Disciples of Astaroth, an industrial band he had co-created. In 1999, Dräcos relocated to NYC where he began building a bigger name for himself as a DJ for the some of the scenes' most notorious parties, and also as a sought-after remixer. This later led to international gigs, DJing in such countries as Mexico, Spain, and Germany. As veteran DJs, it's not surprising their compositions inspire movement, nor that their messages - be them political or cultural - have been enslaved by the beat. ReGen Magazine wrote: "FGFC820 is perhaps the best example of pure, beat-driven EBM to be unleashed onto the scene in years. The rhythms pound their way into your psyche with militaristic grandeur, stomping like a Teutonic march the likes of which have been mostly lost in this new age of synthpop wannabes." 2012 will see the release of their third full-length album "Homeland Insecurity" after last year's successful EP "Defense Condition 2."