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Gegründet: IMNME
Gegründet: 2013 in Würzburg
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: DeathMelodicMetalcoreHeavy MetalDeathcore
Offizielle Homepage: https://www.facebook.com/iamenemyOFFICIAL
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The idea behind this project started a very long time ago. Somewhere back in the early 2000's when Danny Seith (Guitars/Programming / Writing) for the first time in his life had the chance to play around with music tools on a PC, which gave him the ability to record and produce his vision of passionate music. 2004 was the magic year, when he was going to meet that one person, who had the same expectations in music and the passion for their music. 2005 they overhauled Steve Kiai's (Vocals / Lyrics / Producing) soloproject all:my:faults with a complete new musical direction, few years later they started their own project 'We Are Guilty', whose first demo, which is online for free since the first day, was quite a little success for the two - as well as their lyrical video for the song 'Static', and listener's feedback about their material was overall positive. In the end of 2010 both guys merged their 'band' with some other musicians and renamed the whole thing, main reason for the two was the lack of the ability to play their songs live. The new Band "ALL WILL KNOW" released one album "contact." which included 3 We Are Guilty-songs. 2013 - Danny and Steve both left the band due to personal reasons and started their new project IAMENEMY. Back to what they think, passionate music should be about. Back to what they always loved... "It's all about the blood, the sweat, the tears..." We all know the words.