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BR Brasilien
2011 - heute
Gegründet: 2011 in São Paulo
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: Thrash
Offizielle Homepage: http://www.nervosaofficial.com
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NERVOSA is an all female thrash metal power trio from São Paulo, Brazil, formed by Fernanda Lira (Bass and Vocals), Prika Amaral (Guitars and Backing Vocals) and Pitchu Ferraz (Drums). Even joining bands from different styles previously, such as death metal and crossover, all the band members see in Nervosa’s songs the same passion: thrash metal. With strong influences coming from bands of the style’s classic school, the girls seek to bring up what is best on heavy music. Prika Amaral started the band in February 2010, but only in July 2011 Fernanda Lira took over the bass and lead vocals in NERVOSA. In March 2012 the band released their first video clip for the song ‘Masked Betrayer’, which reached the incredible remark of 20 thousand views in only a week, which lead them to receive and Honorable Mention from youtube, placing the video on the 17th week’s most viewed music video and 55th March’s most viewed. Thanks to the notoriety accomplished through their hard work, NERVOSA, on the following months, were able to get two other great achievements. The first one was the management deal with the American Jeff Keller, who also represents other great bands on the musical scene such as destruction and Hirax. The other good news was the record deal with Austrian record label Napalm Records, which has in its roster great names such as Grave Digger, Hate, Tiamat, Huntress, among many other ones. The first NERVOSA’s record, a 3-track demo, was released in Brazil in a CD version independently, under the title ’2012′ in August 2012, and worldwide by Napalm Records in a turquoise vinyl version and by Nuclear Blast in a clear vinyl version, both entitled as ‘Time of Death’, which artwork was drawn by the artist Andrei Bouzikov, who had previously worked with several bands, such as Municipal Waste. Nervosa ends the year of 2012 with a very positive balance laying over 50 gigs around Brazil, among them, sharing the stage with bands like Exodus, Raven, Grave, Samael, Exumer and Artillery, among many other ones. After a line-up change on the drums, who took over the drumsticks and came to join forces with the band in February 2013 was the competent Pitchu Ferraz, who carries along a 20-year career on her instrument. This way, the year of 2013 started with a renewed vibe and the band kept spreading their EP all over the country, with gigs in many Brazilian states, besides playing along with great worldwide known names in metal such as korzus, Ratos de Porão and also Destruction, Exciter, Blaze Bayley, kreator, D.R.I. and Benediction. Besides that, the recording of their upcoming first full-length, to be worldwide released in February 2014, were finished and now the bands focuses on their plans to spread the word about it next year.