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Lower Hell

DE Deutschland
2008 - heute
Gegründet: 2007 in Oberkirch, Deutschland
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: DeathMelodicThrashHeavy MetalHardcore
Label: 2009 - Jetzt Bastardized Recordings
Offizielle Homepage: http://www.lowerhell.de/
Myspace Seite: lowerhell
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The stage is set, the next chapter begins now... LOWER HELL are back, even more pissed off, more drunk and more overweening than ever before. Since their official formation under the name LOWER HELL in early 2007 the band has left behind countless devastated clubs, thrashed stages, lost teenager souls and broken gear. Needless to say that this band is an unstoppable nuclear hurricaine rushing through Europe, leaving nothing but wasteland. In May 2008 LOWER HELL tromp the pedal even harder with the release of "Asphyxia" (Demons Run Amok), a debut CD that left press and followers in deep awe. Highly technical, yet melodic death metal with a thrashing hardcore-edge and an overall predominant sick party-factor, produced and guided by noone less but their close friends and mentors FEAR MY THOUGHTS. LOWER HELL continued their bloody crusade all throught the year 2008 and 2009 picking up fights, selling eye-cancer merchandise, getting wasted and YES, also playing their songs in front of a broad, berserking audience ranging from metal over punk to hardcore-kids. Stacked with even more monstrous drumming, flesh-cutting riffage, enlightening guitar soli and horrifying, blood-soaked lyrics & vocals, LOWER HELL feed their sharp set audience with exactly what they've been hungering for since the release of "Asphyxia". The band's new album "Hellevator" (Bastardized Recordings, 2010), once again produced by Patrick Hagman, guitarist of FEAR MY THOUGHTS and recorded by Chris Brandes at the almighty IGUANA STUDIOS in Freiburg, is highly contagious and without ifs and buts lethal. With an artwork refined by the doomed hands of Godmachine, the world's leading gore-artist, and an all lumbering sound tempest, "Hellevator" has been brought into being to reign and ruin. LOWER HELL are totally over the top and there's no fucking way to avoid them, so don't even try. Prepare to revel in absolute death/thrash/hardcore-horror!