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HR Kroatien
2005 - heute
Gegründet: 2005 in Flughafen Zagreb (ZAG), 10 150, Zagreb, Kroatien
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: PaganVikingFolk
Myspace Seite: stribogslava
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Stribog (the god (grandfather) of winds in Slavic mythology) was formed in winter 2005/2006. The band's themes and ideologies are based on pagan Slavic mythology as it draws great inspiration from the ancient folk myths and fairy tales. Stribog's music is pervaded with classic pagan/folk rhythms and melodic yet cold atmosphere. And we must say again beacuse some people obviously don't get it - WE DO NOT ASSOCIATE WITH ANY POLITIC PARTY!! WE ARE NOT A POLITICAL BAND NOR INTERESTED IN SUCH! OUR ONLY INSPIRATION IS OUR HERITAGE AND NATURE AS WRITTEN ABOVE! We are NOT a right wing NOR left wing band. We are not interested in politics so please DON'T leave offensive comments beacuse they will be erased as soon as they are posted. Respect the people around you beacuse we are all in metal together! With that in mind - Cheers and Slava!