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Death Heaven

IT Italien
2003 - heute
Gegründet: 2003 in Schio VI, Italien
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: DeathMelodicBrutal
Offizielle Homepage: http://www.deathheaven.org
Myspace Seite: deathheavenofficial
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Death Heaven was born in April 2003 in Schio (Vicenza) from the ashes of the thrash metal group Kaos. For a few months the band continue to propose a speed thrash like Sodom & Slayer, but slowly, with the technical enrichment of the members, they arrive to the actually sound, making a technical & aggressive death metal. In May 2003 the first demo, produced by Andrea, was recorded, but never released because of a low quality, caused by little time & the inadeguate strumentation. The on-stage experience started on the 13 & 15 June 2003 with two up coming dates. The live activity continues in spite of some problems in the concerts organization. Until today the band has been exhibited for about 10 times. In the April 2004 the recording of “Techno Decomposition World”, produced by Andrea, started. The drum tracks was to be the first to be recorded, afterwards, in May & June, the guitars, bass & voice tracks was added. In the middle of July the mixing of the demo was finished and it is continually enriched & getting better. The releases were slowed by various problems & after some changes it was released on the night of the 12 February 2005, in occasion of the opening concert for the Horrid. The first 50 hand-numbered copies are sold out in one week and the group proceeded with the printing of other copies, bound to be distributed to magazines & webzines. “Techno Decomposition World” contain seven songs plus an instrumental intro, and it’s sold at 3€ without postage. We wanna tanx Coram Lethe & Horrid for their live support & honesty. Stay Brutal!!!