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US Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
2003 - heute
Gegründet: 2003 in Doylestown Rd, Lansdale, PA 19446, USA
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: Hardcore
Myspace Seite: cdc
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CDC emerged in September 2003 from the silent suburban streets of 3 little towns by the names of Lansdale, Doylestown, and Perkasie. Having started as an "in-studio" project the original members decided to take the band to higher places. With a newly recorded demo and an instant "buzz" about them, CDC began playing shows all over the east coast. In 2005, CDC set up and recorded 4 tracks for a split release, but problems occured. Those four songs were then teamed up with 2 unreleased tracks and a demo track, and finally released in 2006 on Ghosttown Records as an ep titled "The Split". CDC has constantly embraced the DIY way of life, and has done everything on their own. Never once has the band succumbed to non-DIY record labels, booking agents, or even corny myspace friend adders. Everything CDC has, CDC has gained on their own. Never riding coattails and never sucking dick, CDC rose up and built a name solely upon desire and devotion to the music and the road. Now with 2008 well underway, Ghosttown Records re-released "The Split" as "DEFY THE ODDS". The re-release has been remixed, remastered, added new vocals, as well as a new layout. Along with the re-release, the band has decided to hit the road again this summer after almost 8 months off. With the tightest and most solid line up to date, the band is planning on carving their name in deeper. Expect the long overdue FILLED WITH HATE RECORDS release to finally be ready by fall 2008. Along with a release, the band plans on taking over different parts of the world. All in all, 2008 looks to be a very productive and busy year for CDC. Keep your eyes peeled, cause they will probably be playing somewhere close to you.