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AT Österreich
2005 - 2009
Gegründet: 1992
Bandstatus: Aktiv
Genre: DeathGrindcoreDeathcore
Label: 2009 - 2010 Twilight Vertrieb
Offizielle Homepage: http://www.masticscum.com
Myspace Seite: masticscum
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SHORT INFO: Without pandering to trends, or losing the thread, MASTIC SCUM continue to demonstrate their mission. The band was formed in the middle of the 90s and issued 4 albums and different spilt-releases so far. MASTIC SCUM, a well-developed four-piece from Vienna (Austria) is a true product of the thriving underground, a single-mindly focused band, creating raging heavy and aggressive music straight in the face! Till now MASTIC SCUM was on stage throughout Europe, Turkey and the USA. The band did a lot of tours like the "Funeral Nation Tour“ with Marduk & Vader in 2010, the "Grind Your Mind” Tour in 2006, “Scars Over Europe” Tour in 2004, "Straight Into the Balls Tour 2003” with Master & Lividity and some small tours like “Tortour 2002”, the “Fuck The Commerce Tour” in 2000 and the “Hang Over Tour” in 1997. MASTIC SCUMs experience and popularity grew with every show and tour. No compromise and against all odds, MASTIC SCUM always wants to move forward: “We never want to stop improving as a band, also as individual musicians, as songwriters and as performers. Therefore we always do our best to go one step further. We want to make sure that every album we put out and every show we play is better than the last one.” BIOGRAPHY: Chapter I: Mastic Scum was founded 1992, inspired of the Deathmetal/Hardcore scene of the early `90 s. The idea was to create own music influenced by different styles. Our sound is based on massive, grooving rhythm with kickass blast attacks and catchy midtempo parts. We were (and are) a four man combo - drums, bass, guitar and vocals - making music in a true way. In 1993 we got a deal with the German label "Rodel Records" which released our first 12” EP "Ephemeral Cerebral Butchery" (4 studio tracks). This was the start of a long, successful period of upcoming releases on different labels. Chapter II: We worked on new material to record a demo to get a deal for a CD release. We put more emphasis on grindcore in a raw and technical way. Also a new bass player joined the band and so we were ready to record 7 new songs for our "demo". It was released as an edition of 700 tapes in fall 1994. Lateron the German label "Rodel Records" released the 7" EP "tilt" (7 studio tracks) in 1995 and the Tape "live" (live recordings) was out at "Obliteration Rec." from Japan. This two releases were distributed worldwide and so we could built up our name in the scene. In spring 1996 we got a deal with the Austrian label "Ohne Maulkorb Prod." for the Split-CD with the band "Fleshless" from the Czech Republic. The album “fake” (12 studio tracks) was released in summer `96 for which we got great reactions all over the world. Further more a lot of split releases were out at different labels in 1996/97: "Epidemie Prod." from the Czech Republic released the 7" EP "riot" (with "Malignant Tumour" from Czech Rep.), the Tape "pure" (with "Mixomatosis" from Spain) was out at "Capeet Tapes" from Austria, the 7" EP "fear" (with "Blockheads" from France) was released by the German label "Stuhlgang Rec." and the Tape "hurt" (with "Senseless" from Croatia) was out at "Fecal Forces/Sad Tapes" from Slovenia. In 1999 the Split-EP "rape" (with "C.S.S.O." from Japan) was released by "Ohne Maulkorb Prod." from Austria. Both bands did 4 cover Songs for this EP. Chapter III: In summer `99 the debut CD "zero" was released by the German label "Noise Variations". 17 songs of fresh, grooving grindcore/crossover with originality and extremity. Our heaviest record to this date. In spring 2000 we played “Fuck The Commerce Tour” through Germany. The Split-Tape "reek" (with "Haemorrhage" from Spain) was released by "Shindy Productions" from the Czech Republic in July 2001. The tape contains 5 studio-tracks (from the CD "zero"), 4 cover-songs (from the EP "rape") and 5 live-tracks recorded 1999 in Austria and The Switzerland. In spring 2002 the band played “Tortour 2002” through Germany and The Netherlands. Chapter IV: In fall 2002 we signed at the German label "Cudgel Agency" for our 2nd album "scar". Also a Split 7" EP should be out at this label. In september 2002 the Split-EP "crap" (with "Rotten Sound") was released by Cudgel Agency. "Mastic Scum" present 4 new studio tracks, "Rotten Sound" from Finland present 4 live tracks. The 2nd album "scar" was released by "Cudgel Agency" from Germany early December 2002. This full length CD features 12 new tracks and is the progression of our debut album "zero". Heavy, grooving rhythm, kickass blast attacks and experimental, weird parts. In fall 2003 the band played “European Tour 2003” with Master and Lividity from U.S.A. - in spring 2004 we did “Scars Over Europe” Tour. At least we played 2 shows in the USA in summer 2004. Chapter V: Begin 2004 we started writing new songs for our upcoming 3rd album. We put more emphasis in Deathmetal and also in technical arrangements and worked out some pretty cool stuff. We finished songwriting in December 2004 and entered studio in February 2005. Mixing and mastering was done in May 2005. The new 3rd album “mind” was released Sept. 5th 2005 by Cudgel Agency, distributed by Twilight Distribution. This album features 13 new tracks + video clip. This release is our strongest output to date, fucking heavy tunes and kickass blast attacks “… intense Death core straight in the face”. This album is also available as vinyl (Apathic View Prod.) and tape version (Disembowel Rec.). In 2006 the band played a lot of shows across Europe “Grind Your Mind 2006” to promote the actual album "mind". Chapter VI: In 2007 the band celebrated the 15th anniversary and released "The EP`s Collection 1993-2002" in spring. This release was planned for years so we were happy to see that things happened. "The EP`s Collection 1993-2002" was released by Power It Up/Twilight Distribution on june 4th 2007. This year the band also played a lot festival shows to celebrate the 15th anniversary! Chapter VII: Lateron the band started to work on new material for the upcoming 4th album. In this songwriting process the band also had 2 line-up changes: „Bobby B. Bastard“ joined the band as new bass-player and Markus „Maggo“ Wenzel as new shouter in 2008. This new line-up is the strongest ever in Mastic Scum. (Taken from website http://www.masticscum.com/band/index.php on 24.05.2010) The actual 4th album "dust" was released on Nov. 13th 2009 by Twilight Rec.! This new masterpiece contains 12 tracks of crushing Deathmetal straight in your face! Mastic Scum also joined "European Tour"with Marduk & Vader in January 2010! Scum ahead!